Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Review: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

 Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Series: Women of the Otherworld, Book #1

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Publication Date: 2009, Original Publication: 2001
Pages: 422
Source: I purchased this myself at my local Indigo.


Bitten begins in Toronto where our protagonist Elena is trying to fight off her basic nature. See Elena is a werewolf and as she is now living with a man she finds it hard to find time to escape and change. Soon Elena’s problems will get even bigger when her pack master Jeremy contacts her about a situation that is taking place and requests her help to fight some mutts (werewolves not in a pack).

The main character of Bitten is Elena. She is the only female werewolf in the whole world. Overall I would say that she is a pretty likeable character. She was tough, independent, and knows how to take care of herself. She doesn’t take anything from anyone and cares about what happens to the other important people in her life. She will look out for them and put herself in harm’s way if necessary to protect them.

These people who Elena would do anything for are her pack. It consists of Jeremy, Clay, Logan, Antonio, Nick, and Peter. I enjoyed the pack dynamics. They were all very close and looked out for on another. Jeremy is the pack leader and I really enjoyed his character. He was kind and thought everything through, never making rash decisions.

Clay and Elena have had a romantic relationship in the past and he is the main love interest in this book. This is an adult book so there are some sex scenes in Bitten. I do not think there where to many and I understand why they were added. These sex scenes between Elena and Clay do help show how their relationship works and the two do have chemistry. But Sadly Clay was not my favorite. I understand the certain things that have happened in his life made him the way he was but he was very arrogant and just expected Elena to be all over him.

The plot was interesting but at times I felt it moved very slowly. I would find myself skimming some pages especially towards the end. The climax also felt very rushed and was not what I wanted out of it. The ending seems wrapped up but I do believe that there are other books in this series that contain Elena. As the ending was pretty much wrapped up I do not think you have to read the others in this series to end Elena’s journey.

If you enjoy paranormal romance I do believe that you should read this and that you would enjoy it. Just be prepared for some slow parts during the story, and a main love interest who can sometimes be pretty arrogant.

What I rate this: 3/5. I might pick up the next in the series but I am not sure yet!